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24.2.2018 : 3:27

Future Media Internet Architecture Reference Model - White paper

The aim of the Future Media Internet Architecture Think Tank (FMIA-TT) is to gather and commit renowned experts in the area of content and networks, to discuss and produce a proposal for a reference model of a Future (Media) Internet Architecture, as part of a generic Future Internet Architecture.

Well-aware of the limitations of the current Internet, several declared forums and groups of scientists world-wide have recognized that the Current Internet (CI) will not be able to support any longer emerging media applications and the content delivery and exchange challenges of the future.

The Future Media Internet Think Tank (FMIA-TT) was created by the nextMEDIA coordination action (, a collaborative project coordinating the proposal of the Future Media Internet in the Framework Programme 7 of the European Commission. The FMIA-TT is strongly linked to the activities of the European “Future Internet Assembly (FIA)”

This group made an identification and analysis of the problems of the current Internet and future requirements, a comparison of the different architectural visions and identification of weaknesses and strengths of the best alternatives as well as open issues and produced a proposal for a Future Internet Architecture (focused on media) reference model creation.

25 May 2011