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About Publications

This area collects links to various types of publications relevant to the Future Internet. In particular you may find (i) reports, (ii) articles, (iii) selected presentations, and (iv) other selected media files. In many cases you can directly download the publications from this site. In other cases, you will be pointed to the original publication source.

Please undefinedlet us know if you think that we should include a certain publication in the list.


1 September 2009
On the anonymity "versus" accountability debate

article by Kieran Sullivan, Risk Manager magazine, Ireland, September 2009[more]

22 July 2009
Report on modular federation of FIRE Facilities

Towards a collaboration and highlevel federation structure for the FIRE Facility, July 2009[more]

13 July 2009
Report on Interdisciplinary Research Activities

Draft Report of the Task Force on Interdisciplinary Research Activities applicable to the Future Internet, 13 July 2009[more]

13 July 2009
EIFFEL white paper

Starting the Discussion, Final version, 13 July 2009[more]

15 May 2009
A European ICT industry call for action

The European Future Internet Initiative[more]

12 May 2009
The Future Internet for Future Europe

FIA Prague video

10 May 2009
Internet of Things: an early reality of the Future Internet

Workshop report, Prague, 10 May 2009[more]