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About Publications

This area collects links to various types of publications relevant to the Future Internet. In particular you may find (i) reports, (ii) articles, (iii) selected presentations, and (iv) other selected media files. In many cases you can directly download the publications from this site. In other cases, you will be pointed to the original publication source.

Please undefinedlet us know if you think that we should include a certain publication in the list.


10 January 2012
FIA Poznan report

A powerhouse for regional growth While European leaders grappled in Brussels with the complex and uncertain financial and political context, researchers and policy-makers were gathering in Poznan, Poland, for a week of visionary...[more]

8 December 2011
FIA Poznan Survey

The project elaborated a survey for the FIA 2011, Poznan. This document reports on the results of the survey. Based on the results and on the comments received from the participants, we hope to improve the organization of future...[more]

7 December 2011
Digital signage: the right information in all the right places

ITU-T Technology Watch Report, November 2011[more]

26 October 2011
Comic book"Inspiring the Internet of Things"

Comic Book powered by the Alexandra Institute and partially funded by the FP7 ICT ‘Internet of Things Initiative’ Coordination Action[more]

29 July 2011
Fundamental Limitations of current Internet

and the path to Future Internet[more]

1 July 2011
FIA Budapest report

Advancing the cause: new perspectives on applications[more]

25 May 2011
Future Media Internet Architecture Reference Model - White paper

The aim of the Future Media Internet Architecture Think Tank (FMIA-TT) is to gather and commit renowned experts in the area of content and networks, to discuss and produce a proposal for a reference model of a Future (Media)...[more]