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25.3.2018 : 0:33

Chorus+ Panel on "Scientific multimedia data: what challenges for indexing and search?" at CBMI 2012

Convergence of multidisciplinary research is more and more considered as the next big orientation to answer profound challenges of humanity related to health, biodiversity or sustainable energy. The integration of life sciences and computer sciences has a major role to play towards managing and analyzing cross-disciplinary scientific data at a global scale. Whereas scientific data management is definitely considered as a major issue in the database community, it is integrated more slowly in the multimedia community. The goal of this panel is to discuss current methods and issues related to information retrieval from scientific multimedia data and to highlight the gaps that our community has to bridge. We will therefore welcome 4 panelists specialized in inter-disciplinary research and who will cover different topics including earth observation, biodiversity informatics and biomedical informatics. They will address a tuple of questions including: How can multimedia retrieval helps solving big human challenges related to health and environment? What are the specificities of scientific multimedia data? Are the technologies developed by our community adapted?

27 June 2012