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22.3.2018 : 1:20

1st Fed4FIRE Competitive Call for SME Experimenters

The 1st Fed4FIRE competitive call for SME Experimenters is a new instrument for SME's to get involved in FIRE activities.

Call identifier – Fed4FIRE‐SME‐1
Call title – Innovative Experiments by SMEs
Language in which the proposal must be submitted – English
Date of close of call – 17h00 Brussels time on 2 April 2014
Important: Date of close of feasibility check  – 17h00 Brussels time on 26 March 2014

Summary of call information

The particular task envisaged by this competitive SME call pertains to the execution of innovative experiments by SMEs that demonstrate technological expertise, novelty and quality in the area of Future Internet (e.g. in domains such as wired and wireless IP networks, cloud computing, software defined networks and innovative Internet services).

The proposal must be:

  • Targeting innovative and industrial relevant experiments
  • Have a maximum duration of 4 months (including reporting period) Submitted on‐line through the portal available on the project website
  • Submitted in English

The proposer:

  • must be eligible for participation as SME in the EC FP7
  • will be linked to the Fed4FIRE consortium as subcontractor.

Financial information:

  • Max. funding request per experiment of € 25 000
  • Total available funding for this call: € 100 000

Important: all proposals have to submit information needed for feasibility before submitting the full proposal.

More information is available undefinedhere and on theundefined Fed4FIRE project website 

17 February 2014