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30 April 2014
CHANGE concludes successfully

CHANGE concludes successfully with the release of a range of software, available for download from the project website. The project has also produced some exceptional quality papers, and lead to the launch of an open source...[more]

3 April 2014
NEC Laboratories Europe launches new open source platform for high speed, high throughput Network Functions Virtualisation applications

Today NEC has published a press release to promote a new “Cloud Networking Performance research platform (CNP-Lab)” initiative. This new initiative clearly stems from the collaboration within the CHANGE project and the results...[more]

3 April 2014
Key results of CHANGE presented at NSDI'14

Today key results of CHANGE were presented at the 11th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI'14). The full paper is accessible at [more]

18 December 2013
18/12/2013 - IEEE ComSoc EMEA Region invits Prof. Ioannis Tomkos to deliver a webinar on the Emerging Flexible Optical Networking Paradigm

Prof. Ioannis Tomkos, who is the leader of AIT team in CHRON project, will provide a comprehensive view of the different pieces composing the “flexible networking puzzle”.[more]

12 October 2013
CHANGE industrial workshop attracts a wide audience

CHANGE organised its industrial workshop as part of the Second European Workshop on Software Defined Networks (EWSDN 2013), held in Berlin, 10-11 October 2013. The CHANGE industrial workshop was held on the second day, 11...[more]

22 August 2013
CHANGE's duration is extended by 3 months

The project has been officially extended by 3 months, permitting to focus on showcasing and demonstrating the capabilities of the architecture, and strengthening the impact through active dissemination. [more]

28 July 2013
CHANGE Bootcamp concludes

From 15 July til 28 July CHANGE partner Université catholique de Louvain hosted in Louvain-la-Neuve a bootcamp. The CHANGE bootcamp attracted 20 students and researchers, also from outside of Europe. The objective of the first...[more]

17 May 2013
Multipath TCP record featured among the EC's encouraging achievements

The recent record of Université catholique de Louvain researchers, achieved by the support of the FP7 CHANGE and Trilogy 2 project now also features among the EC' encouraging achievements at Europe's Information Society Thematic...[more]

22 March 2013
Multipath TCP sets a new record

Researchers at the IP networking lab of UCL have pushed TCP to new limits by achieving 50 Gbps of goodput over a single TCP connection. This new record was obtained by running their Multipath TCP implementation in the Linux...[more]