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22 January 2013
Latest Trends in Multimedia Search Computing

This report provides an overview of the existing technology in several areas related to search together with the major challenges and future trends. The areas of interest include Media search, Social and Mobile search, Enterprise...[more]

22 January 2013
Trends in search computing

Notes taken during and following the Chorus+ Think-Tank roundtable discussion on "Trends in search computing” held in Brussels on September 24th 2012. This Think-Tank brought together experts and stakeholders of multimedia search...[more]

27 June 2012
Chorus+ Panel on "Scientific multimedia data: what challenges for indexing and search?" at CBMI 2012

Convergence of multidisciplinary research is more and more considered as the next big orientation to answer profound challenges of humanity related to health, biodiversity or sustainable energy. The integration of life sciences...[more]

9 June 2012
Multimedia Search Technology Transfer driven by Benchmarking

This Think-Tank brought together experts and stakeholders of multimedia search related benchmarking efforts in order to exchange on lessons learned and to assess suitability of benchmarking as a tool to foster exchange between...[more]

1 February 2012
Final Report

PetaMedia Final Report (shortened website version)[more]

8 January 2012
Chorus+ January 2012 Newsletter

We hope you will enjoy the reading of our 5th newsletter and, as usual, your feedback is mostly appreciated![more]

21 November 2011
Deliverable 2.3

Report on Integration of Technologies[more]

20 November 2011
Media Search cluster meeting

The Cluster is formed from the projects which are actively pursuing research in the multimedia information retrieval and search engine domain. Twice a year, the cluster meets aiming at facilitating the exchange of information and...[more]

17 November 2011
Deliverable 8.2

Setup of the virtual educational centre platform[more]

14 November 2011
Deliverable 7.4

Report on Field Experiments[more]