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25 September 2012
Padua: EffectsPlus Cluster Workshop on Exploitation

On September 6th 2012, PASSIVE was presented at the Effectsplus 3rd ClusterWorkshop covering Exploitation and Impact by Eamonn Power. The workshop included talks from Nick Wainwright from HP, Massimo Canducci from Engineering...[more]

10 April 2012
Waterford: General Meeting

On Tuesday 27th March 2012, the PASSIVE partners held the general meeting in Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. The agenda covered three days of technical workshop and a day plenary session. [more]

30 January 2012
“Stop Online Piracy Act” legislation. NOT.

Behind the law On its surface, fighting piracy sounds like a good thing, especially if you’ve worked hard on a book, album, font, video, or other product and discovered it being illegally distributed free of charge on a shady...[more]

26 January 2012
Malaga: General Meeting

On January 24th to 26th 2012, the PASSIVE consortium held their general meeting in University of Malaga, Spain. The agenda items were mainly around the technology that had been developed and integration plans. A primary...[more]

10 January 2012
a «BEAST» exploiting the (almost) secure web, SSL.

Researchers have discovered a serious weakness in virtually all websites protected by the secure sockets layer protocol that allows attackers to silently decrypt data that’s passing between a webserver and an end-user...[more]

10 January 2012
Malicious Android apps double in 6 months

Lookout mobile security has identified 1000 malicious applications in less than six months. Previously the most of the malicious apps where located on third-party app stores, and alternatives to the official Android...[more]

10 January 2012
Spam sinks to lowest level in almost three years, says Symantec

According to the Symantec’s report spam messages have been reduced to a great extent! Nowadays the global amount of spam messages is 70% compare to 90% that it was in 2009. In this direction they helped the legal actions of...[more]

10 January 2012
WPS Design Flaw Revealed

A security technology that is widely used in latest, domestic or small business, modem/routers, is WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). As its name implies, WPS protocol has been designed to aid in the WiFi security configuration process,...[more]

23 December 2011
Best Paper Award at Asiacrypt 2011 for PrimeLife researcher

The PrimeLife web-team congratulates our colleague Jan Camisch from IBM Research - Zurich as well as the co-authors Stephan Krenn and Victor Shoup for being awarded with the Best Paper Award at the 17th annual AsiaCrypt...[more]

4 December 2011
Google enables two-factor athentication for user accounts

Google seems to take user security quite seriously, since today gmail accounts are commonly used as a global account among many websites.  To protect its customers (paying or not) Google has employed a two-factor authentication...[more]