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27.3.2017 : 22:19

Information Society

17 March 2017
Creative Virtual Productions in DREAMSPACE

DREAMSPACE, a European Commission funded project, researches and develops tools that enable creative professionals to work collaboratively and combine live performances, video and computer-generated imagery in real-time.[more]

16 March 2017
Cloud and High Performance Computing in Biomedicine

The Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine is hosting a free one-day event to showcase and discuss Cloud and High Performance Computing capabilities.[more]

16 March 2017
The European Film Forum goes to Vilnius Film Festival 2017

The next European Film Forum (EFF) will take place alongside the Vilnius Film Festival “Kino pavasaris”. It will focus on promotion and prominence of the audiovisual works and it will be organised during the 8th...[more]

16 March 2017
GiantSteps creates the next generation of digital musical tools

Recently finalised, the EU-funded GiantSteps project has resulted in multiple commercial products, commercial collaborations between academia and industry, and influenced future research in electronic music analysis and creation....[more]

15 March 2017
Exhibition: Art meets Future and Emerging Technologies

The FEAT project brings together artists and Future & Emerging Technologies projects to push the boundaries of human knowledge. The exhibition will display the work of six leading international artists hosted within FET projects.[more]

15 March 2017
18 high potential EU-funded innovators at CEBIT 2017

The European Commission puts the spotlight on some of the most promising digital innovations emerging from EU funded research and innovation projects by inviting 18 high-potential innovators to CeBit 2017[more]

15 March 2017
Synopsis report of the public consultation on the safety of apps and other non-embedded software

The public consultation on the safety of applications for mobile devices ("apps") and other non-embedded software was launched in June 2016 as a result of the public consultation on the Green Paper on mHealth in 2014. The latter...[more]

14 March 2017
Study: Cost-effectiveness of standards-driven eHealth interoperability

What is the perception on the use of standards-driven tools in health? Is it economically advantageous to use these tools for fostering eHealth development in Europe? Answers can be found in an EU eStandards study report. It is...[more]

14 March 2017
Debriefing session of the 69th COCOM meeting

Interested parties, such as representatives of network operators, service providers, users, consumers, manufacturers, trade unions, third countries and international organisations, are invited to a short debriefing session...[more]

14 March 2017
Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting 2017

This meeting will kick off the discussion for the future strategic direction of the Photonics Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Europe. It will provide participants with information about the Photonics PPP achievements, latest...[more]