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26 April 2017
Two SMEs resulting from EU projects have been shortlisted as 'Best eHealth solution in Europe'

The finalists of the eHealth Competition for SMEs of 2017 are known. Among them are two SMEs resulting from the work of EU-funded projects: the Danish mHealth solution for mental health Monsenso, and the Eodyne tool for...[more]

26 April 2017
Your body modelled in a computer?

In an interview in BIOVOX, Director Thierry Marchal (Ansys representative in the Avicenna Alliance board) gives an overview of the current state of the art of computer modelling in healthcare. Despite the great progress over the...[more]

26 April 2017
EU project launches €2.4m competition to create ethical and sustainable wearable technologies and smart textiles

A wearable technology project is offering up to €2.4 million in funding for teams of creatives and technologists to develop the next generation of sustainable wearables and e-textile ideas.[more]

26 April 2017
NoHoW video: How to maintain a healthy weight with eHealth

Helping people to lose weight has been very much examined. The NoHoW project however focusses on keeping the weight off in the long term. While collecting evidence about what works and what doesn't, the NoHoW researchers have...[more]

26 April 2017
Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Diabetes

Following the success of the first workshop, the European PEPPER consortium will run the Second Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Diabetes (AID) as part of the 16th Conference of Artificial Intelligence in MEdicine (AIME).[more]

26 April 2017
Blog post: 'Robots helping seniors & seniors helping robots: Thinking out of the box!'

"We have just entered our third and final year, and what a journey it has been!" writes GrowMeUp project coordinator Jorge Dias in his blog post. "Guess what? During this challenging period, seniors, who we aim to assist in the...[more]

26 April 2017
Workshop MAFEIP tool for monitoring and assessing eHealth and eCare investments

The new online monitoring tool called MAFEIP, financed by the European Commission, can be used for decision-making by public and industry stakeholders investing in innovative solutions for health and care. You can learn how it...[more]

26 April 2017
AAL Programme appoints new Director

The Executive Board of the Active Assisted Living (AAL) Association selected Mr Klaus Niederländer as the new Director of its Central Management Unit. The AAL Programme funds applied research for developing ICT-based ...[more]

26 April 2017
#UniteForParkinsons and its early detection

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. On this occasion, the EU-funded i-PROGNOSIS project released a mobile app in Germany, Greece and the UK. By using the app you can help creating an algorithm for early detection of...[more]

25 April 2017
Nordic toolbox to convert pilot projects in welfare tech into implemented solutions

The more than 1200 municipalities in the Nordic region have struggled to convert their increasing interest and multiple pilot projects within welfare technology into implemented solutions. That's where a new practical toolbox...[more]