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22.3.2018 : 1:12

Mr. Patrick Gatellier
Thales Security Solutions & Services SAS

The Instant Mobility project has created a concept for a virtual “Transport and Mobility Internet”, a platform for information and services able to support radically new types of connected applications for scenarios centred on the stakeholder groups:
multimodal travellers

  • drivers & passengers
  • passenger transport operators
  • goods vehicle operators
  • road operators & traffic managers.

The project will define requirements for Future Internet technology tools and enablers, so that all these services will be available to any Internet-connected user, whether using a portable, vehicle-based or fixed terminal. These requirements will underpin a set of technical specifications for both domain-specific and FI enablers that will in turn be created as software conceptual prototypes for a virtual demonstration. The project will prepare a plan for implementing in Phase 2 some limited-scale trials in a number of real cities, using a Transport and Mobility Internet platform as subset of the full FI PPP core platform. Instant Mobility will also study the non-technical framework conditions that may support or hinder eventual deployment of FI-enabled online services in the T&M domain. The project will put forward its research results for support to standardisation, either for FI standards for standards in the T&M domain.