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22.3.2018 : 7:00

18 September 2009

Please find attached the undefinedminutes of the FIA caretakers meeting of 18 september. They also contain some new information which came available after the meeting, so please read.

We look forward to receiving your input for the detailed agenda and session description on 25 september.
Our next meeting will be in Stockholm, during the lunch of the second day (from 13.30 to 15.30).
And, since it is easier if we know well in advance when we will meet again: 22 January 2010 in Brussels in order to prepare for FIA Valencia.

Thank you all for your cooperation and we look forward to an interesting meeting in Stockholm,

Anne-Marie Sassen


18 September 2009, FIA Caretakers meeting

Please find attached an undefinedupdated agenda for the next FIA Caretakers meeting on 18 september, Avenue de Beaulieu 33, room 0/58 from 11.00 h to 16.00 h.

Every session should have a description and an agenda outlined by the meeting, so that after the meeting this can be published on

Thanks to all the caretakers who have integrated all the contributions received for their topics, their session descriptions are attached:

  • Deploying on FIRE which now includes the contribution from T&I and services.
  • Discovery and Search in the FI, which includes further reconciliation between the FCN, FISO and RWI point of view
  • Orchestration across Networks, Services, Things and Content, integrating all input received so far. Please note the new name of the session; it now also explicitly include orchestration of networks.
  • What does FI mean for Enterprise, consolidating all input received so far.
  • Different Architectures for different business models?

Also if you are still looking for some speakers in your session, the PPP group on Future Internet has offered the following speakers:

  • Different architectures for different business models? Didier Bourse, Alcatel, Thomas Michael Bohnert, SAP
  • What does it mean to conduct experimentally driven research? Didier Bourse, Alcatel
  • Orchestration across things, services and content. Jean-Dominique Meunier, Thomson
  • What does Future Internet mean for smart cities? David Kennedy, Eurescom
  • What does Future Internet mean for enterprise? Stefano De Panfilis, Engineering

If you have any remark or question, don't hesitate to ask,

Looking forward to meet you all on Friday and best regards,

Anne-Marie Sassen


19 August 2009, Organisation of break out sessions

<title>Organisation of break out sessions on FIA Stockholm: new list of actions</title>

Thanks a lot to the groups who provided input for the organisation of the break out sessions on the FIA in Stockholm. The attached file "undefinedStockholm - Agenda and breakout sessions - 18 August 2009" contains a draft agenda for Stockholm and the input received so far. Some topics have received no input yet. For these it is important that asap an initial description will follow so that other groups can comment on it before September 4. For the topics that did receive input it is necessary that other people interested in a topic give their input for that topic by September 4. I assigned a responsible for collecting input and consolidating that input.

An overview of all actions that need to be carried out before September 4 is given in the file "undefinedStockholm - Agenda and breakout sessions - 18 August 2009". Please try to stick to this deadline so that on the meeting of September 18 we can consolidate the objectives of each session and the overall agenda. By September 18 all this information should be on-line so that people can register for the FIA and indicate their interest on topics.

The file "undefinedStockholm - Topics for breakout sessions - 18 August 2009" contains a list of who is interested in which topic with email adresses. Please use this to further build the topic descriptions.

The next FIA preparation meeting will be on 18 September from 11.00 to 16.00 h. An agenda will follow.
If necessary, there will also be a meeting on 16 October from 11.00 to 16.00h. Please block this date in your calendar.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Thanks a lot for your cooperation and best regards,

Anne-Marie Sassen


26 June 2009

Dear FIA caretakers,

Thank you very much for your active participation on the last meeting of 26 June. The minutes of the meeting are attached.

The file "undefinedStockholm – Modus Operandi for Breakout Sessions – 1st July 2009" contains the proposed structure for the Stockholm meeting. It is very important that you read it carefully and that you send us by 31 July the final title of topics, topic leaders and first draft of problem statement. In addition, we expect that the topics will be put on-line at by the 18th september. We hope for the kind cooperation of Tasos to guide the topic leaders in putting this content on-line.

Until Stockholm, Anne-Marie Sassen I will be coordinating the FIA breakout sessions. Also, we are still finalising the F-O-T Platforms report and as soon as it is ready for circulation we will notify you.


The INFSO DiR D and DiR F Colleagues