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MANA support documents

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MANA breakout session

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MANA breakout session presentations

FIA – Prague "Management and Service-aware Networking Architectures (MANA)" Session -12th May 2009


I. Introduction & Invited Talk

Moderator: undefinedRainer Zimmermann (EU, Brussels)
11.30 - 11.35 undefinedIntroduction & Objectives of the MANA session –MANA Caretakers
11.35 - 12.30 undefinedInvited Talk "Lessons on Internet Developments – Key Challenges" Peter Kirstein (UCL, U.K.) 

II. Panel on MANA Scenarios on Future Internet

12.30-13.30 Panel (i.e. 10 min presentations from 4 panellists + 20 min Q&A)
Moderator: Marcus Brunner (NEC, Germany)

III. Panel on Future Internet Networking Architectures- Horizontal Topics

14.30-16.00; 16.15 -17.15 Panel (i.e. 10 min presentations from the panellists + 70 min Q&A)
Moderator: undefinedHenrik Abramowicz (Ericsson, Sweden) 

IV. Panel on Future Internet Management Architectures – Vertical Topics

17.15 -18.15 Panel (i.e. 10 min presentations from the panellists + 20 min Q&A)
Moderator: undefinedAlex Galis (UCL, UK) 

V. Conclusions & Proposals for research directions for Future Internet – MANA

future plans
18.15-18.30 MANA position statement presentation / MANA future plans
MANA caretakers:
• Alex Galis (UCL, U.K.)
• Marcus Bunner (NEC Research, Germany)
• Henrik Abramowicz (Ericsson, Sweden)

MANA Session Reporter: Alex Galis (UCL, UK)