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Session 3.2 - Linked data

Linked Data in the Cloud  undefined(PDF)

Poznan, October 26th 2011

Format of the workshop

The workshop is largely discussion oriented. Since we are aiming at two different communities (Linked Data, Cloud Computing) the workshop starts with two talks introducing the topics to the involved communities. The remainder of the workshop is oriented towards discussing out answers to the core questions provided in the form of two Knowledge Cafes, following by determining action items and a summary.

Problem Statement and Objectives of the workshop

Linked Data is becoming a reality on the Internet. The growth of available data and the uptake (as shown in previous FIAs) are posing new demands on specific aspects of Linked Data Management and therefore on the Internet Architecture.

These new aspects are:

  • Linked Data and the Cloud. There are at least two different relevant connections of Linked Data and the Cloud.
    • Interoperability: Linked Data is an enabling technology for establishing interoperability in the Cloud. First, it enables the description of Cloud services as well as custom services managed in the Cloud. Second, it provides an interoperable way to exchange data among these services. Guiding questions are:
      • What are the opportunities that Linked Data provides for interoperation in the Cloud?
      • What can Linked Data Services do for interoperation in the Cloud?
    • Data Management: Given the amount of Linked Data itself, and the growing relevance for the Internet scalable ways of Data management need to be developed. The Cloud provides a possible infrastructure for these tasks. As such requirements for Data Cloud services need to be defined and validated. A guiding question is:
      • What can Cloud computing do for Linked Data management?
      • What are the requirements for Linked Data Management in the Cloud (e.g.,handling provenance, data quality)
  • Linked Data Streams: Many data providers deliver data not in defined chunked but as streams – examples include sensors, but also includes data providers such as the social web, news sites or the stock market. The stream nature of data is influencing the way in which data needs to be queried and stored.
    • Guiding questions are:
      • What are the opportunities and requirements for Linked Data Streams?
      • How to achieve acceptable performance?
      • What is the relationship to Cloud Computing and other networking layers?

Session organisers:

undefinedStefan Decker
undefinedManfred Hauswirth

Target audience:

We are aiming at the following target audiences:

  • Researchers, users and developers interested in Cloud Computing and their applications.
  • Researchers, users and developers interested in Linked Data Management, with a special focus on Stream Processing.

Build on previous FIA sessions:

This session on Linked Data in Ghent was introducing the notion of Linked Data into the Future Internet architecture. It provided a basis to gather the efforts around Linked Data, not only within Europe but also beyond.

This session on Linked Data in Budapest had a specific focus the relevance of Linked Data to the Future Internet Architecture, at the Network Level and to the Internet of Things (IoT). The session confirmed the uptake of Linked Data in the Future Internet already and established the need for further architecture work.

This session is focusing on examining an how to combine two emerging developments – Linked Data and Cloud Computing, which are interacting with each other in several ways, and their requirements for the Internet Architecture.



undefinedStefan Decker, DERI, Ireland

Status, trends and challenges in cloud and multi-cloud service provisioning

undefinedErik Elmroth, Professor & Head of Department, Director of Grid and Cloud Computing, Umea  University, Sweden

Linking Data and Services in the Cloud

undefinedMartin Bauer, NEC Labs, Germany

Linked Data in the Clouds

undefinedGiovani Tummarello, DERI, Ireland


Mini Open Space Setup

What can Linked Data do for the Cloud?

What can the Cloud do for Linked Data?