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Session 2.2 - Research roadmap

Research Roadmap (undefinedPDF)

Poznan, October 25th 2011, 15:00 - 17:00

Title of the workshop

Research Roadmaps for the Future Internet: Priorities future research.

Format of the workshop

An interactive workshop aimed at discussing and developing ideas for future research priorities in future internet research comprising short presentations and interactive discussion.

Problem Statement and Objectives of the workshop

The workshop aims to identify the topics and big ideas that shape Future Internet beyond current research, reviewing and building on the ideas presented in the Future Internet Assembly Research Roadmap document, and hearing about new ideas or areas not covered in the first version.

Roadmaps of Latin America in the Future Internet research arena compared with the European ones, with the goal of paving the way to joint interests that will consolidate a coherent policy of actions to be conducted at both sides of the Atlantic.

Session organisers:

Antonio Alfaro, Rose Vision
Julian Sesena, Rose Vision
Maria Barros, Eurescom
Nick Wainwright, HP

Target audience:

Researchers and research managers who have in interest in the high priority and new topic that should be included in the framework research programme commencing 2014.

Build on previous FIA sessions:

Since FIA Ghent in 2010 the FIA research roadmap working group has compiled a first version of the FIA research document which was presented in outline form at the FIA Plenary Conference in Budapest, May 2011, and has been available for review on the FIA website. In addition we are introducing an international cooperation dimension to the research roadmap through links with the Latin America Countries


Part 1. Review and Feedback on the FIA Research Roadmap

  • Introduction to the FIA Roadmap
  • Panel: Perspectives on the FIA Roadmap from Different Stakeholders
    • David Carter (Manchester Digital Development Agency)
    • Annika Sallstrom (TEFIS and FIREBALL projects)
    • Amardeo Sarma (NEC – TDL Consortium )
  • Q&A and Contributions from Attendees

Part 2: New Ideas for Research

  • New Areas And Topics For Research
    • Visual Analytics - undefinedJames Davey (Fraunhofer Institute)
    • Making of Innovation - undefinedLucy Setian (TCS Digital World)
    • Engaging Current and Prospective Internet Users - undefinedRahamatullah Khondoker (Uni. Kaiserslautern)
    • Service Standardisation - Petra Turkama (Director, Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR), Aalto University, ENoLL Council member, CONCORD Project)
    • Rethinking Service-Oriented Abstraction to Deal with Convergence - Federica Paganelli (CNIT)
  • Comments from the Floor and Discussion

Part 3: Latin America Cooperation Strategic Research Agenda

  • Invited Talks
    • The Relevance Of International Cooperation To Define Optimum And Efficient Research Priorities In Europe - undefinedTonny Velin (FIRST Project)
    • International Cooperation Opportunities with Argentina and Chile: FI Roadmap & Priorities - Gustavo Guaragna (Snoop Consulting CEO, Member of CESSI, Member of Steering Council of PLATA, as representant of the industry)
    • Strategic Vision To Use Future Internet In Brazil - undefinedRoberto Carlos Mayer (ASSESPRO, President of the Brazilian Technology Platform - BRAFIP) 
  • Discussion with Audience


FIA Research roadmap America Strategic Research AgendaFIRST Website: LATP Vision 2020 on Future Internet cooperation: of 5 country Strategic Vision documents and governance rules: reports on potential areas for cooperation between Europe and Latin America in the field of Future Internet:


Call for participation:

Call for Presentations of New ideas for the FIA Research Roadmap.

The FIA Research Roadmap Working Group has produced the first version of the FIA research roadmap document which will be reviewed at FIA Poznan in October.

We are now seeking new suggestions for high impact ideas that should be included in the roadmap. This is an opportunity to introduce new ideas for research areas for the future internet and we are aiming for distinctive and thought provoking suggestions that are not currently addressed in the roadmap.

To stimulate contributions to this session, a prize (a netbook computer) will be awarded to the presenter of the most interesting and thought provoking idea.

Contributions of no more than two pages in Word (.doc or .docx) format should be sent to session organiser,  Nick Wainwright, by 30th September 2011.

Contributions should address areas not substantially covered in the FIA Research Roadmap V1, and should address 1. The proposed area of research to be include in the research roadmap, 2. The impact that the proposed research will have (i.e. the benefit, the problem solved, the opportunity enabled,) 3. The underpinning technologies and research ideas that would be the starting point for the research.

Selected contributions will be invited to present at the Roadmapping session at FIA Poznan and will be included in a new version of the FIA research roadmap.


Version 1.0 of the Future Internet Assembly Research Roadmap is available for download from the Roadmap Working

Group wiki