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Session 1.2 - Networked media roadmap

Networked Media Roadmap (draft) (undefinedPDF)

Poznan, October 25th 2011, 11:30 - 13:30

Title of the workshop

The future of Networked Media and the Internet: Facts, Reflections and the Road Ahead 

Format of the workshop

The workshop is divided into 4 sections plus an introduction and wrapup. In each of these 4 sections 2 speakers will present specific technological areas followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Problem Statement and Objectives of the workshop

The Future Media Internet is changing rapidly. What are the areas that a) are most important to research for the future and b) which technologes will be dominant in the future. 

Session organisers:

Chair of the Session – Paul Moore (Atos) Shepherd of the Session – Christophe Diot (Technicolor)

Target audience:

The target audience is for researchers and professionals in the area of media internet.

Build on previous FIA sessions:

This session can be seen as a more detailed continuation of the Roadmapping sessions that have taken place in the last 2 FIA’s and as complementary to the S2.2 Roadmapping Session in this FIA. 



Introduction - undefinedPaul Moore, Atos, Spain

3DundefinedEbroul Izquierdo, QMUL, Coordinator of NoE 3DLife, Dr Krzysztof Kurowski, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center 

Connected TV - undefinedDr Federico Alvarez, Coordinator of Infinity Project, Coordinator of NextMedia, UPM, Ralf Neudel, IRT, Editor "NEM Strategic Research Agenda"

Social Media - undefinedPaul Moore Atos, Spain

Social Media, Participatory Sensing and IoT - undefinedOscar Mayora, Create-Net

Business Models and Wrapup - undefinedPaul Moore, Atos, Spain

Call for participation