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Management and Service-aware Networking Architectures


I. Introduction & Invited Talk

Introduction & Objectives of the MANA sessionundefinedAlex Galis (UCL, U,K,) 

Invited Talk "Future Internet of Networkd and Services
undefinedJeff Chase (Duke University, USA)
undefinedSuzanne Iacono (NSF, USA)

II. Panel on Service-aware Networking Architectures

(Viewpoints and proposals for research directions for Future Internet)

Moderator: Hennrik Abramowicz (Ericssom, Sweden)

undefinedKrishan Sabnani (Alcatel-Lucent, USA) – for networking architectures '
undefinedJens Zander (KTH, Sweden) - for wireless architectures
undefinedGeorge Pavlou (UCL, U.K.) – for evolutionary service-aware architectures
undefinedMark Wusthoff (SAP Research, Germany) for service clouds architectures
undefinedJeff Chase (Duke University, USA)–for clean slate architectures

III. Panel on Self-management of Future Internet

(Viewpoints and proposals for research directions for Future Internet)

Moderator: undefinedAlex Galis (UCL, U.K.) Scope of Panel and Introduction to Self-management

undefinedMarcus Bunner (NEC Research, Germany) - for network management
undefinedDanny Raz (Google USA and Technion Univ., Israel) – for system management
undefinedOlivier Festor (INRIA, France) - for network and service management
undefinedJoe Butler (Intel, Ireland) - for service management 

IV. Conclusions & Proposals for research directions for Future Internet

(Presentation, discussions and approval of the MANA position statement)

V. FIRE Use Cases

Nancy Alonistioti (UoA), Ingo Gaspard (DTAG), Kari Kalliojarvi (NOKIA)
undefinedSelf-organization in Wireless Systems and FI - Use cases in E3

Apostolis Koussaridas, Kostas Polychronopoulos (University of Athens), Nancy Alonistioti (UoA)
undefinedSELF-NET PanLab Use Case

undefinedMANA – Use Cases Alex Galis (University College London)

MANA position statement presentation and discussion

undefinedAlex Galis (UCL, U.K.) 

MANA caretakers:

Alex Galis (UCL, U.K.), Marcus Bunner (NEC Research, Germany), Henrik Abramowicz (Ericsson, Sweden)
MANA undefinedSession Summary by Alex Galis (UCL, U.K.)