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Madrid FIA report published

The Future Internet Assembly, held 9th-10th December in Madrid, Spain, brought together around 300 people to discuss Europe’s efforts towards a future networked society. Participants included representatives from academia, industry (including SMEs) and other interested organisations, many of them involved in current EU research projects in this area. Invited speakers from the United States and elsewhere also attended.

The meeting was a continuation of a process begun in Bled, Slovenia in March 2008, which launched the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) as a forum for European industry and the research community to discuss and share ideas on Future Internet developments. Split into two plenaries and seven break-out sessions, the meeting reviewed the state-of-play and attempted to convert the momentum gained in the FIA process to date into a plan of action.

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Plenary Introduction

  • Introduction, Guillermo Cisneros, Director of ETSI Telecomunicación, UPM
  • European Perspectives & Orientations, Joao da Silva, Director, European Commission
  • Welcome message, Javier Uceda, Rector - President of UPM
  • Opening remarks, Francisco Ros, Secretary of State - Viceminister for Telecom and Information Society

National Initiatives

Closing Plenary

Cross ETP Vision, David Kennedy on behalf of the ETPs

Summary of Achievements, by the Breakout Session Rapporteurs

undefinedThe Future Internet conference in Prague - Host Introduction, Gabriela Krcmarova, CESNET

Closing message by Joao da Silva


Future Content Networks

undefinedPresentations   undefinedSession Agenda   undefinedPosition Paper  

Management and Service Aware Networking Architecture 

undefinedPresentations    undefinedSession Agenda   undefinedPosition paper 

Trust and Identity in FI

undefinedSession Agenda    undefinedPresentations    undefinedPosition paper   undefinedFurther Information  

Future Internet Service Offer  

undefinedSession Agenda   undefinedPosition Paper   Further Information is in the undefinedWiki

Real World Internet (RWI)

undefinedSession Agenda   undefinedPosition Paper   undefinedFurther Information  


undefinedSession Agenda   undefinedPosition paper   undefinedFurther Information  

Usage of Experimental Facilities based on use cases  

undefinedSession Agenda    undefinedPosition Paper   undefinedFurther Information 

Future Internet Assembly

The undefinedFuture Internet Assembly met for the second time in Madrid on 9-10 Dec 2008 to continue the work of its first conference.

The Future Internet Assembly was formed on the initiative of the European Commission as an outcome of the undefinedFuture Internet Conference that took place in Bled, Slovenia on 31 March - 2 April 2008

The objectives of the conference were to ensure that:

  • Cross domain future Internet issues are discussed leading to enhanced and effective coordination across domains
  • A shared vision emerges of what needs to be done for the future Internet in Europe by Europe
  • EU stakeholders are better positioned in scientific and economic terms regarding the challenges of the Future Internet

The outcome of the Bled conference was the launch of the European Future Internet Assembly as the vehicle for discussion amongst concerned R&D projects and the European Technology Platforms.

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