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Preparation A/C agenda, 1 October 2010

The following participants declared availability and I kindly ask them to book their agenda:

  • Man-Sze Li
  • Alex Galis (UCL)
  • Petros Daras (CERTH)
  • Marcus Brunner (NEC)
  • Jim Clarke (WIT)
  • Michael Nilsson (CDT-LTU)
  • Anastasius Gavras (Eurescom)
  • Nick Wainwright (HP)
  • Anne-Marie Sassen (EC)
  • Georgios Tselentis (EC)
  • Karen Boers (IBBT)

Unfortunately I have still no declared available participant for Sessions I, IV, VII and V. Stefan, Michael, Isidro please try to get somebody to represent you or contact me in advance to update me on the session status. All session responsibles: please send if not done so, to undefinedKatrien Wemel the latest information to be uploaded to the web as requested in my last e-mail. The teleconference is for 1h so we discuss only the FIA Gent programme and logistics unless you want to stay further and add other points.



Attached undefinedsummary of "who is involved in what session"

Preparation A/C agenda, 2 June 2010

Agenda for teleconference, 2 June 2010

Given the input received so we will discuss the proposals of the following grouping of topics:

  • Scenarios for Future Internet Business
  • Smart Cities
  • Linked Open Data
  • Can the cloud be trusted?
  • Information as an economic good
  • Privacy and citizenship
  • Smart Infrastructures
  • Search as an architectural component
  • Architectural and reference model group

We will also consider:

  • Migration: from clean-slate to reality
  • Experimentation
  • FI beyond copyright

For the following topics we did not receive input (so we keep them out of discussion):

  • How can ICT help to save energy in other sectors?
  • Incentive alignment in Future Internet Designs
  • Continuation of FIA Valencia "Health" Session


FIA Caretakers meeting, 21 May 2010

FIA Caretakers meeting: FIA Gent preparation

21 May 2010 11:00-16:00
v. Beaulieu 25 room 0/S9

Draft Agenda
  • 11:00-11:15 Welcome-purpose-approve discussion points [EC]
  • 11:15-12:30 Proposal of FIA GENT agenda overall structure based on the attached undefinedagenda draft [EC/IBBT/Caretakers]
    • Confirm plenary sessions/speakers length and number of sessions
    • Discussion and decision on possible topics based on proposed themes from Google moderator and previous FIAs
    • Grouping proposals [undefinedNick, John, Henrik], [undefinedEC]
    • Demo session? Poster session?
  • 12:30-13:30 Sandwich Lunch
  • 13:30-14:30  …continuation Proposal of FIA GENT agenda overall structure based on the attached agenda draft [EC/IBBT/Caretakers]
  • 14:30-15:00 Other activities who?when?what?: FIA Book, Portal, Roadmaping, FI architecture vision,  (Anne-Marie...), Update of e-mail lists!
  • 15:15-16:00 FIA future: Thoughts on the purpose of FIA Formalise FIA structure [undefinedNick, John, Henrik a draft presentation and discussion by all*]

* a separate discussion needs to take place (September?) to shape accordingly the FIAs to come

See you in Brussels!

Draft A/C notes, 6 May 2010

Following our discussion yesterday please find attached a file with:

  1. a undefinednew suggested agenda (v1) to cope with the request for more and longer FIA sessions and some discussed changes in the programme.
    [Action IBBT/caretakers: please check and come back with your comments]
  2. an undefinedupdated/corrected list of the topics (33+1) submitted in the Google moderator. We made a first attempt to group them in order to see whether they could be part of a more homogenious session/stream.
    [Action all: please check and propose if necessary other grouping]

[Action Nick & Henrik: please propose a draft thematic structure as discussed. If possible try already in this first draft to accommodate the input received in 2 and other possible topics (e.g. continuations of FIA Valencia not submitted to google moderator, reporting of groups like the one John refers to].

The aim is to have a draft thematic structure within the 12 slots of the scjhedule getting as much as possible into account the new input and the request to continue some topics.

Next week many people are on holidays but it would be good if we could do most of the above by Tuesday 18 so to be better prepared for our meeting the 21st.



Draft input for A/C, 6 May 2010

Preparation A/C agenda, 6 May 2010

Date: 20 April 2010

The meeting will held as a teleconference on 6 May 2010. The purpose of the meeting is:

  • to have a first list of topics for parallel sessions and ideally identify keynote speakers and  discuss any ideas about the structure of the sessions (duration, overlap/synergies etc.) 
  • to discuss other possible activities such as:
    • project demo session
    • poster session
    • …
  • aAny other business (i.e. next publication).

Please identify any theme if possible in advance so I can add it to the agenda. I remind that the google moderator undefinedlink is open but has only 3 inputs so far! Please submit your ideas and ask your colleagues to do so.

Our next meeting is scheduled for the 21 May at EC premises av. Beaulieu 33 0/54. We have the room for the hole working day but I suggest a meeting 11:00h-16:00 so people can come with early flights (hoping there is no new ash cloud over Belgium...) and leave the same day. The final agenda for this meeting depends on how far we advance the 6th but the aim is to have more topics stable so we can start inviting speakers (both ibbt and FIA).


Best regards,