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22.3.2018 : 1:09

Capitalizing on Sound for a Smarter Future Internet

Session Organisers

Pedro Malo, UNINOVA undefinedpmalo(at)
Philippe Cousin, EGM , undefinedphilippe.cousin(at)
Jean Yves Monfort, ETSI STQ (Speech and Multimedia Transmission Quality)
Rene Rodigast, Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology

Session Description

Sounds represent important pollution, which need to be monitored, controlled and even regulated (e.g. EU Noise Directive). However Sounds are everywhere and can represent if combined with existing advanced research important source of innovation to deliver applications and services in building, at home, in smart cities and in addressing a broad range of future internet societal challenges in energy efficiency, mobility, health, environment. FIRE experiments in the EAR-IT project are already demonstrating such capabilities also in combining the strength of IoT networks with Acoustic sensing.
We are underestimated the potential of innovation that we can have in using sounds and where EU has a lot of advanced research which can be used.
The 90 minutes session will present through real cases and success stories:

  • The regulation context and privacy issues
  • State of the art research of use of sounds in broad range of contexts and application
  • The concrete applications in energy saving, security, traffic monitoring and more
  • The potential exploitation and innovations

The targeted audience is:

  1. Researchers and developers from industry and academics engaged in research on, energy efficiency, buildings, environment, mobility smart cities programmes and projects
  2. Innovation leaders and entrepreneurs interested to know more about the developments of sounds , acoustic sensors and related projects and participate to the discussion on the potential innovation and business opportunities ahead


undefinedPresentations (45min)

undefinedDemos (15 min), Uninova (EAR-IT project), Orelia
Representative from the EAR-IT project will present a portable demo, with real equipment’s, combining advanced acoustic modules, which will recognize patterns, together with sensors as deployed in Santander city or Geneva buildings to provide innovative services in Smart Cities and in Intelligent buildings.
SME such as ORELIA company built and sell innovative solutions of sound analysis and recognition. On this event, ORELIA will show the capabilities of his smart sound sensor by performing examples of real time sound classification and talks about resulting real life applications.
Panel – 30 mins discussion and interaction with the audience on how industry can take up such potential.