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22.3.2018 : 1:07

Where’s the Business in the Internet of Things?

Session Organisers

Reinhard Herzog, Fraunhofer IOSB,undefined reinhard.herzog(at)

Session Contributors

Thomas Usländer, Fraunhofer IOSB,undefined thomas.uslaender(at)
Angele Giuliano, AcrossLimits
Johan E. Bengtsson, AcrossLimits
Martin Serrano, NUIG-DERI, undefinedmartin.serrano(at)
Manfred Hauswirth, NUIG-DERI, undefinedmanfred.hauswirth(at)

Session description

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) already raises very high expectations on business opportunities, even if it is still in its infancy. Not only the scaled-up number of devices, and the availability of sensor data from virtually everywhere, but also the perspective of interlinking all these elements into one common semantically enriched information space creates fascinating new possibilities. This workshop is for sharing ideas about these possibilities. IoT is also being considered crucial in the process of designing the Future Internet. However, will new value chains emerge, which parts of them will be the main profits generators and which parts will become loss-leaders? For example, what new businesses will develop on the basis of the vast amounts of Open Data generated by Internet-connected objects? Also, how disruptive is the Internet-of-Things for current business models? How will complete awareness of movements and actions affect the ways that companies work today? What new actors will emerge? What are the main obstacles that must be removed, in order to embrace the new opportunities? What do SMEs in Europe currently think about IoT and what are the major barriers that they see at the moment?

In this session we will be reporting preliminary results on an ICT SME’s survey for defining IoT requirements for the 2020 and also explore the Internet-of-Things business models, business opportunities and its challenges for the industry. This session targets business owners, innovation facilitators, entrepreneurs, technologists interested in the commercialisation of IoT innovations, and European policy makers. We will address common business issues, and attack the topic from a practical and non-academic slant.

Recommendations will be developed by the discussion with the audience and they can take these forward into their own businesses and projects. The SME survey gives a view of how ICT SMEs perceive the Internet-of-Things area, and suggests areas of improvement for facilitating its uptake.


5 minutes – Introduction and welcome – undefinedAngele Giuliano (AcrossLimits, Malta – OpenIoT)
10 minutes Tour de table of people present – Angele Giuliano
15 minutes – Presentation on Business Models – Reinhard Herzog (Fraunhofer-IOSB, Germany – OpenIoT)
15 minutes – Presentation on SME Survey Results – undefinedJohan E. Bengtsson (AcrossLimits, Malta – OpenIoT)
60 minutes – Interactive panel discussion on business models, actors and technology as main topics
15 minutes – Closing and way forward – Angele Giuliano (AcrossLimits, Malta – OpenIoT)

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