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26.4.2018 : 11:07

Open Data in Future Internet

Session Organisers

undefinedPierre-Yves DANET (France Telecom)
undefinedJean-Dominique MEUNIER (Technicolor & NEM ETP)

Session Description

The Future Internet offers the ground for accessing new content in a way that third parties exploitation and utilization can offer new innovative services. Open data belongs to this new content category and it is rather important to better know the borders, the access mode, the business models, etc. This session has the objective to offer answers in questions arising for these Open Data tasks and at the same time to share a common vision on Open data. Identifying such open issues Open Data usage will be accelerated and facilitated.

The session will address the following questions:

  1. What is the definition of Open data ?
  2. Who are their providers ?
  3. Which are their access APIs ?
  4. Which are the key issues for their utilization ?
  5. Which are the most suitable business models?

The targeted audience is:

  1. Researchers and developers from industry and academia engaged in Future Internet programs and projects, e.g. FI PPP program, FP7 Media projects, etc.
  2. Innovation leaders and entrepreneurs interested to know more about Open data and the usage
  3. Open data providers and stakeholders such as cities, ministers, local government and relevant authorities.

Format of the session
The session will be organized in three main parts:

  1. Presentation of Open data : 4 speeches from existing initiatives in France, UK and Spain
  2. Panel discussion and Q/As with audience with the objective to identify key issues that have to be solved by further studies
  3. Key take away and next steps : action plan until the next FIA


1. Session introduction and framing (10 mns)

2. Open data presentation (60 mns).

  • Marta Nagy-Rothengass (DGCONNECT Unit G3,TBC
  • Nigel Shadbolt ( UK) ,TBC
  • Henri Verdier (Etalab- France) ,TBC
  • Mr. Iñigo de la Serna  (Major of Santander-Spain) SmartSantander: Stimulating Social Innovation through the Open Data Paradigm
  • François Bancilhon (Data Publica-France) ,TBC

3. Panel discussion and interaction with audience (40 mns) – Moderated by Hadmut Holken (Holken consultants). The panel will address the key perspective What is the definition of Open data ? Who are the providers ? What are the access APIs ? What are the key issues to use them ? What are the business models ?

The panelists will include (at least – additional panelists currently contacted):

  • The 5 speakers
  • One representative from FI PPP program (/project FI-CONTENT-2).
  • One undefinedrepresentative from NEM ETP
  • One representation of the Images&Réseaux cluster / La Cantine

4. Session wrap-up, key take away and next steps (10 mns) – Jean-Dominique Meunier (Technicolor). NEM ETP should set up a specific working group having the objective to write a position paper on open data issues.

See presentation of undefinedStefan Decker, Professor for Digital Enterprise, Director of DERI