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22.3.2018 : 7:00

Session II.4 Standardisation


Franc Le Gall;
Jean-Charles Point;


The undefinedFIA Conference in Valencia 2010  raised the importance of standardisation as an exploitation path for Future Internet research but also highlighted the need for specific standardisation methods so called pre-standardisation, which offer a lighter and iterative process better tailored to interactions with the research community. Since then, a undefinedFISA standardisation working group  has been formed with the objective to coordinate standardisation related activities at FIA level. At its kick-off, in undefinedICT2010 , it underlined the fact that the (pre)standardisation process goes well beyond project timeframe so the projects do not directly ‘produce a standard’ but can only contribute to standardisation activities which has to be run and maintained independently, in standard forming groups. This implies long term individual commitments of organisations (academic and industry) to these standards forming groups.


The session focuses on the issue of pre-standardisation, which is the main interest of most R&D European projects; standard bodies have well identified this need by creating pre-standard or incubator groups within their structure. The main organisation addressing to Future Internet issue is IRTF; as examples,  ETSI has recently successfully set-up ISGs; ITU and W3C have created focus groups / incubator groups.

The purpose of the session will be to identify a number of pre-standardisation topics in the area of Future Internet that are general enough to attract many industrial participants and yet strict enough to come out with pre-standards in a reasonable time.
In order to reach this goal, the session will first remind the different paths to technology adoption through pre-standardisation and with then look at operational and pragmatic approaches increasing the contribution of research to valuable (pre)standards. It will then look at some case studies practices so to highlight best practices and directions to be avoided.

After this a number of candidate pre-standardisation topics will be presented, coming from the FIA community.

The conclusions from the closing panel will be used to identify the pre-standardisation tracks that should be the main focus for the further collaboration. The selection should be based on the interest of the projects, the possible impact of the standardisation effort, the probability of success and the possible impact on the future internet.


The session will be moderated by Franck Le Gall and Jean-Charles Point; interaction with the audience will be searched as much as possible; conclusions as concrete as possible about the different standardisation topics will be searched as well.
Speakers, especially those about cross-cutting standardisation tracks will be asked to try to draw conclusions/ propose actions if possible.


5 min

Agenda and session objectives

F. Le Gall (inno)

60 min.

Possible "cross-cutting" pre-standardisation tracks:


Introductory speech: landscape of pre-standardisation and standardisation, possible paths for projects (15-20 min)



Mod. : Jean Charles Point (JCP Consult)


undefinedDidier Bourse (Alcatel Lucent)



·         IoT research and standardisation

undefinedPatrick Guillemin (ETSI, Strategy and New Initiatives), IERC, CASAGRAS2,


·         Management and Future Networks

undefinedAlex Galis (UCL) - UniverSELF


·         Cloud computing

undefinedDaniel Field, (Atos Origin) -SIENA


·         Architecture

undefinedDimitri Papadimitriou (Alcatel-Lucent)


·         Media

undefinedTomas Piatrik, NextMEDIA 


35 min

Closing panel: Pre-Standardization on Future Internet. Does it have to be exclusively at any specific entity? Which of the tracks look most promising? Are the chosen tracks too broad, should they be more focused? Are there too many tracks? Role of contributing projects in the decision process

Mod. : undefinedFranck Le Gall

Dimitri Papadimitriou (Alcatel-Lucent)

Henrik Abramowicz (Ericsson)

+ open discussion


10 min

Conclusions and further work

Franck Le Gall