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22.3.2018 : 7:00

Session II.1 Interactive Future Media Experience


E. Izquierdo, G. Feher



Building on the success of social interaction over the Internet, we believe that it is time to move social networking towards the next logical step in its evolution: to immersive collaborative environments that support realistic inter-personal communication. Recent scientific advances in a variety of different research fields mean that it is now possible to integrate research outputs towards technologies that support real-time realistic interaction between humans in online virtual & immersive environments. Indeed, the combination of high bandwidth internet connectivity everywhere with advanced media delivery and interaction is paving the way toward new modes of consumption and interaction with high end media content. On the one hand, 3D movies are not anymore reserved to large showcinemas, rather home cinema, game consoles, and advanced interaction through movement detection are becoming increasingly popular. On the other hand, advances in mobile communication is enabling delivery and consume of rich media content over wireless links. Through the capabilities of small but powerful handsets users can be semiimmersed in mixed reality environments and experience live events remotely or while travelling. Mixed reality supported with location, orientation point of view and other key information elements available through mobile sensors, can initiate Internet searches and deliver information on the surrounding environment. These searches are influenced by user’s location, enabling context-awareness and hence higher retrieval accuracy. Thus, mobile devices are also a critical interface to Future 3D Internet access. Furthermore, the Internet is offering access to a deluge of content from which it becomes difficult to choose from. In this context, we expect quality and immersion to drive the entertainment market in the future. We also foresee 3D media delivery, consume and interaction as the main revenue stream for the networked multimedia content industry, including content creators, aggregators, and network service providers.



The main objective of this session is to gather together European stakeholders in the
field to discuss technologies that will contribute to achieve 3D immersive collaborative environments supporting realistic inter-personal communication, new content delivery architectures and underpinning economical models for 3D media search and recommendation.

The session will cover three key topics: social networks in 3D virtual environment, accessibility through mobile devices and efficiency of 3D media search and retrieval. In this context the session will be open for presentations and discussion revolving around these three key areas with specific focus to issues related to:

  • quality of experience
  • immersive content and content immersion
  • 3D ambient, content-centric Internet-based environments
  • integration of cutting-edge technologies related to 3D data acquisition and processing, sound processing, autonomous avatars, networking, real-time rendering, and physical  interaction and emotional engagement in virtual worlds
  • usability and acceptability aspects of the resulting user experience
  • validity and potential socio-economic benefits of the envisaged immersive collaborative environments that support realistic inter-personal communication in the context of future of social networking.


The session will consist of two main parts.

The first part of the session will consist of a short introduction followed by 3 invited talks relevant to the topics. Each talk will last 20 min plus 5 min for specific Q&A.

Coffee break (15 min)

The second part of the session will be an open panel discussion involving invited panellists and Q&A from the audience.

The session will close with a wrap-up coordinated by the organizers.



14:00 – 14:05

Introduction to the session, E. Izquierdo (QMUL, UK) (5 mins)

14:05 – 15:20

Keynote talks (20 min talk + 5 min discussions)

  • Talk I: “Virtual Humans”, Nadia M. Thalmann (University of Geneva,Switzerland)
  • Talk II: 3D Video Processing”, P. Eisert (HHI, Germany)
  • Talk III: “3D Media accessibility through mobile devices”, undefinedP. Kovacs (Holografika, Hungary)

15:20 – 15:55

Panel discussion (35 mins)

Panel chairman: N. O’Connor (DCU, Ireland)

Invited panellists: Nadia M. Thalmann (University of Geneva, Switzerland),P. Eisert (HHI, Germany), Z. Korcsok (iPont, Hungary), P. Kovacs(Holografika, Hungary), E. Izquierdo (QMUL, UK), G. Feher (BME, Hungary)

15:55 – 16:00

Wrap up: G. Feher (BME, Hungary) (10 mins)