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22.3.2018 : 6:56

FIA Budapest Program Committee


Franck Le Gall
DY Daejeon, Korea
Jean-Charles Point

Social Computing

Nick Taylor

ICT and sustainability

Markus Fiedler
Seppo Yrjola

Smart cities and FIRE

Hans Schaffers
Timo Lahnalampi
Anastasius Gavras
Roberto Santoro

Economics of privacy

Estelle de Marco
Martin Waldburger
Nicola Jentzsch
Tuan Ahn Trinh

Interactive media 

Ebroul Izquierdo
Zalan Heszberger

Usability and Security

Nick Papanikolaou

Internet of Things

Jim Clarke
Trevor Peirce
Rodrigo Roman
Antonio Jara
Francois Carrez
Walter from Brussels
Zhi-Chun from Helsinki

Network lost in the cloud

Nicolas Le Sauze
Markus Brunner

Adaptive services

Andreas Metzger
David Hausheer
Katarzyna Wac

Content centric networking

George Pavlou
Sprirou Spiros

Linked Data

Stefan Decker

European Commission

Miguel Montarelo

Local Organising Committee

Prof. Dr. Gyula SALLAI,  President of HTE, Chair
Péter NAGY, Director of HTE
Dr. Rolland VIDA, International Affairs, HTE
Dr. Robert SZABÓ, Assoc. Prof. of BME-TMIT
Dr. József BÍRÓ, Prof. of the BME-TMIT
Dr. Sándor IMRE, Prof. of the BME- HT
Dr. László PAP, President of Space Research Scientific Council, Hungary
Dr. Péter BAKONYI, Director, Hungarnet Association, MTA-SZTAKI
Dr. Tamás MÁRAY, Vice-Director, NIIF
Dr. Lajos REICH, General Manager, GE Healthcare Company Hungary
Roland JAKAB, Director, R&D Center, Ericsson Hungary
Péter GYENES, Director, Nokia Siemens Networks
Tamás BALOGH, Dept. Head, Hungarian Telekom
Tibor NAGY CCIE, Cisco Systems Hungary

Permanently invited:
Vilmos NÉMETH, Head of Department, National Innovation Office

HTE - Scientific Association for Infocommunications, Hungary
BME - Budapest University of Technology and Economics
         TMIT - Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics
          HT - Department of Telecommunication Engineering
MTA SZTAKI - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Computer and Automation Research Inst.
NIIF - National Institute for Information Infrastructure Development
GE - General Electric