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22.3.2018 : 7:00

Final Plenary Session - Research Needs for Cloud Computing


Didier Bourse (Alcatel-Lucent) and Nick Wainwright (Hewlett-Packard).


This final plenary session will focus on “Research Challenges for Cloud Computing”. In 2009 an Expert Group published the report “The Future of Cloud Computing – Opportunities for European Cloud Computing Beyond 2010” ( . Are the recommendations in this report still valid or is an update necessary? This session will be a first opportunity to understand where we are in terms of research for Cloud Computing and which issues are still to be solved in the future.


This Budapest FIA final plenary session will focus on industrial research requirements, also deriving from regulatory, privacy, and security requirements, and will capitalize on recent FIA discussions, in particular the Ghent FIA session “Can the Cloud be trusted?” and Budapest FIA session “The Network Lost in the Cloud?”. As stated in the Cloud Expert Group report “Cloud technologies and models have not yet reached their full potential and many of the capabilities associated with Clouds are not yet developed and researched to a degree that allows their exploitation to the full degree, respectively meeting all requirements under all potential circumstances of usage”. This Budapest FIA final plenary session will address the "multi-domains perspective" of Cloud Computing, in line with the FIA cross domain approach.


The session will be organized as a panel session including 5 experts: 3 industry representatives and 2 research center representative. The session will include one report (key take away) from the Ghent FIA session “Can the Cloud be trusted?” and Budapest FIA session “The Network Lost in the Cloud?”.


The panel will cover the following perspectives:

  • Moderator introduction: Rainer Zimmermann (EC DG INFSO Head of Unit for Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures) – Towards a cloud computing strategy for Europe (see also )
  • Panelists perspectives: undefinedJuan A. Caceres (Telefónica - Platform Architect Global Cloud Computing), undefinedDaniel Pays (Thales - Infrastructure Management Services Director), undefined Thierry Priol (INRIA Deputy Scientific Director and EIT ICT Labs), undefinedJim Clarke (TSSG Waterford, Can the cloud be trusted) and undefinedMarkus Brunner (NEC, The Network Lost in the Cloud):
    • Global and strategic perspective: Business and economics, legislation, government and policies.
    • Technical foundations and challenges: Manageability and self-x, data management, privacy and security, federation and interoperability, virtualisation, elasticity and adaptability, APIs, programming models and resource control.
    • Innovation opportunities.
  • Open forum / discussions on other research challenges for Cloud Computing.
  • Summary, key take away and issues to be tackled in Poznan FIA.