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22.3.2018 : 1:05

Network Architectures and Mobility


Panel 1: undefinedSocio-Economics

Caretaker:  Pekka Nikander,   PSIRP,

Klaus Wünstel: General aspects of socio-economics of networking; introduction to the topic
María Ángeles Callejo: Expected evolution of user behaviour: implications of generations X, Y, and to-be
Santiago Ristol Jorba: The role of trust in building services
Spiros Spirou: One or many Internets - the question of price and network externalities
Latif Ladid: From NAT-to-NAT to (new) end-to-end - the challenge of making IPv6 a commodity service
Wolfgang Kleinwächter: Internet governance - need for multi-stake- holder societal control

Panel 2: undefinedSelf-Management

Caretaker: Hans van den Berg, SOCRATES,

undefinedJuergen Quittek, 4WARD,
undefinedRanganai  Chaparadza, EFIPSANS,
undefinedEmanuel Dotaro, Efipsans/Euro-NF,
undefinedMarco Pistore from S-CUBE,

Panel 3: undefinedCommunicating "Things"

Caretaker: Mirko Presser, SENSEI,

undefinedDaniel Kofman, Euro-NF/EIFFEL,
undefinedSdrjan Krco, SENSEI,
undefinedStephan Haller, COBIS,
undefinedMichel Cezon, RFID

Panel 4: undefinedContent-Delivery Networks

Caretaker: Norbert Niebert, 4WARD

undefinedDjamal Zeghlache, Euro-NF
undefinedJoerg Ott, CHIANTI
Carmen Guerrero, CONTENT
David Wood