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22.3.2018 : 1:21

Future Internet Research and Experimentation

The focus of the session is to discuss the relationship of the FIRE initiative with the research community. In detail, the goal is to discuss the configuration and offering of the FIRE facility versus the requirements and expectations of the research community, as well as to discuss the concept of experimentally-driven research towards the Future Internet.

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M. Campolargo

Expectations, offering in 2-3 years

undefinedS. Fdida, Onelab / OnelabII
undefinedA. Gavras, Panlab / PII
undefinedM. Campanella, Federica
undefinedG. Kormentzas, UNITE

Industry cooperation and commitment

undefinedR. Tafazolli, eMobility,
undefinedS. Druais, NESSI

Research requirements wrt. experimental facilities

undefinedM. May, ANA
undefinedH. Abramovicz, 4Ward
undefinedD. Trossen, Trilogy, Psirp
undefinedM. Presser, Sensei
undefinedB. Plattner, Resume-Net
undefinedS. Ristol, Soa4all, Beingrid
undefinedA. Mihovska, Aspire
undefinedS. Figuerola, HDTV-Optics
undefinedP. Soria-Rodriguez, Security

Cross-area discussion of issues

The issues document suggests a number of questions, which were grouped in four thematic blocks to structure the discussion.

  • Collect requirements ? ref. #2, #6, #8
  • Supporting the research cycle ? ref. #5
  • Design principles of the experimental facility ? ref. #1, #3
  • Sustainability, governance, industry ? #4, #7


Presentation of undefinedconclusions at the closing plenary

Draft session undefinedreport