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25.3.2018 : 0:21

Learn How Different National Research and Education Networks are harnessing the potential of Cloud Computing for their users


Andres Steijaert - GÉANT / SURFnet
Panos Louridas - GÉANT / GRNET


National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) have long been at the vanguard of development and innovation in the fields of IT and networking with many services that are considered mainstream having been created or trialed in the R&E community. Now NRENs expand their scope to encompass cloud services. Different NRENs take different views on their role vis-a-vis the cloud, from NRENs that decide to build and provide cloud services themselves, to others that prefer offering a wide selection of services from existing providers, while yet others are positioned in the middle of the spectrum. Moreover, NRENs and the GEANT pan-European network take an active interest in recent technologies such as Software Defined Networks, and the way these can enable and integrate cloud services.

The session will bring together experts and representatives from NRENs, the industry, and the GEANT project, to present their views and experience on these topics and who will present the way Cloud Computing transcends national boundaries and can benefit users from the Research and Education community at the European level.

Agenda - 19 March, 11:00-13:00

  • Introduction to the Session - Session organizers (keynote 10 min)
  • The GÉANT perspective, cloud opportunities and challenges - Andres Steijaert, GÉANT/SURFnet, FP7 GN3+ Project (presentation 20 min)
  • The GRNET cloud view and strategy - Panos Louridas, GÉANT/GRNET, FP7 GN3+ Project (presentation 15 min)
  • The SWITCH cloud view and strategy - Simon Leinen, SWITCH (presentation 15 min)
  • The SURFnet cloud view and strategy - Andres Steijaert, GÉANT/SURFnet, FP7 GN3+ Project (presentation 15 min)
  • GreenQloud Services and Cloud Integration via GÉANT - Eiríkur Hrafnsson, GreenQloud (presentation 15 min)
  • Google Cloud Services and Possibilites for Cloud Integration - Dionisis Kolokotsas, Google (presentation 15 min)
  • Discussion with the audience (panel discussion 45 min)


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