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27.4.2018 : 4:41

3.4 Games, Networks and Clouds: What are the requirements?

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Format of the workshop

Presentations and panel discussion

Problem Statement and Objectives of the workshop

Online and mobile games have become central in the value chain. Digital games are an important driver of hardware and network capacity. The evolutions of games will also have an impact on networks. The session will try to answer from different perspectives the requirements for the development of networks and clouds.

What are the future trends of online and mobile games?

How will these trends make requirements of games evolve in terms of cloud / network constraints?

What are the network evolution paradigms which can match these requirements?

The session will be organized as follows:

  • Firstly game developers will express the high level requirements they have and what is the evolution in their perspective
  • Secondly a link will try to be made between these requirements and cloud/ network constraints: the different paradigms (centralized and distributed architectures, CDN/CCN concepts) will be examined vs. game performance requirements
  • An open discussion with the panel (completed with network experts) will follow at the end to define the issues to solve (technical, standardization...); also how this would translate to R&D work program will be discussed

Session organisers:

Malte Behrmann, EGDF, Malte.behrmann(at) Malte.behrmann(at)
Tel: +49-30-319984910, Fax: +49-30-319984919
Co-organiser: Jean Charles Point, JCP Consult, CEO, undefinedpointjc(at)
Tel: +33(0)223271246, Cell: + 33 (0)608072473
Steering committee contact: Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom GmbH, undefinedgavras(at)
Tel: +49 6221 989232, Mobile: +491712861823


Mikael Baros, Redikod, MobileGameArch
Nordic Game Program
Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3
SE - 211 19 Malmö

Kerry Fraser Robinson, Redbedlam, CNG
President & Managing Director,
RedBedlam Ltd.

Adolfo M. Rosas, Global Delivery Services  Telef√≥nica
Mobile +34 609349637 

Patrick Truong,  Orange Labs Lannion, Kusanagi project 

Nizar Romdan, Media Processing division ARM
Mobile: +44 7748 961 993

Target audience:

Developers, operators, publishers, network operators, vendors, cloud providers, research community, SDOs, game community

Build on previous FIA sessions:


Draft Agenda


5 min

Agenda and session objectives

Moderator: Malte Behrman

60 min.

View of game developers community

Online game developer perspective

Mobile game developer perspective

Telco perspective

Research perspective

Cloud gaming



Kerry Fraser Robinson

Mikael Baros

Adolfo Rosas 

Nizar Romdan

Patrick Truong 

Jean Charles Point

35 min 

Closing panel: How can we link game requirements with network paradigms; how to link this with standards?

Moderator: Malte Behrman

Panellists are the speakers

10 min

Conclusions and further work

Malte Behrmann


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