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3.1 Smart Cities and Big Data

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Data from citizens, systems, and general things are the single most scalable resources available to Smart City stakeholders today. This Big Data is constantly captured through sensors and from open data sources. More and more data services for city officials, utility services, and citizens become available, which allows efficient access and use of big data, a necessary requirement for Smart Cities.

This session will give insights into practical experience with the entire value chain of big data in Smart Cities, starting for the data acquisition over architecture for distributing data to visualizing data for different stakeholders. The session will also give an overview of the services that are or become available for Smart Cities.

Through a discussion of three different focus groups on citizen information services, linked and open data for Smart Cities, and big data fusion, the session participants will jointly identify research gaps with respect to Smart cities and Big Data.


  • Welcome (James Davey, Fraunhofer IGD)
  • Introduction to Smart Cities (Freddy Lecue, IBM)
  • The Smart Arhus program (Prof. Martin Brynskov)
  • Three focus talks, 3x10 min
    • Deploying sensors and capturing data in cities, practical experience and an overview of what services are of interest to city officials (Srdjan Krco, SmartSantander)
    • Architectures for gathering, distributing and using data in Smart Cities together with the view of utility services requirements (Howard Potter, OUTSMART)
    • Visual Analytics – Solving the challenges of big data in the Future Internet and in Smart Cities (Florian Mansmann, Univ. Konstanz, VisMaster)
  • Split up into three discussion groups on how to combine the three focus topics for three selected Smart City issues. Each group will be moderated by one of the session organizers, who prepare several questions to stimulate the discussion. There will be a flipchart available in three corners of the session room and a keeper of the minutes for each group.

    • Citizen information services (moderated by Jörn Kohlhammer)

      Citizens are important stakeholders, consumers and producers of big data in Smart Cities. This discussion group will address new approaches in policy modeling and eGovernment, as well as Smart Neighborhoods and participatory sensing, and their effects on and solutions for big data challenges.

    • Linked and open data for Smart Cities (moderated by Srdjan Krco)

      Our cities are full of information, generated by heterogeneous sources in various formats, granularity, dynamicity, and corresponding quality. Knowledge of this complex information space is vital for the creation of Smart City services. This discussion group will address Linked (Open) Data methodologies as a potential approach to overcome the problem of interoperability, and support extraction of knowledge from large-scale, dynamic inputs produced by cities.

    • Big data fusion in the water, energy and transportation domain(moderated by Freddy Lecue)

      Integrating heterogeneous data from various domains is a complex but high potential task to provide insights on cities. For instance, in the transportation domain, diagnosing abnormal events (e.g. traffic congestions) requires integration of various data like traffic data, weather data, road conditions, or traffic light strategy. How could we fuse, combine and integrate this various sets of heterogeneous data in a relevant way so that new insight can be derived?
  • Wrap Up (Srdjan Krco, Ericsson)
    • Summary of each discussion group
    • Identified research gaps

Steps until FIA Aalborg

  • 10/02/2012: Adapt the session abstract for webpage
  • By 24/02/2012: Confirm speakers
  • By 03/03/2012: Finalize session description
  • 10/03/2012: Participate in phone conference with FIA Steering Committee
  • By 14/03/2012: Prepare final session description
  • By 27/04/2012: All slides and discussion preparation uploaded as PDF
  • 10-11/05/2012: FIA Aalborg event


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