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This section is brought to you by the SOFI project. The goal of SOFI is to complement EU R&D projects in the area of Internet of Services, Software and Virtualisation (Objective 1.2) through specific support activities. Key results from the activities are provided via this page. See undefined for latest news and ongoing contributions.

Key Results

FIA Book

The Future Internet Assembly published its third book titled: "The Future Internet, Future Internet Assembly 2011: Achievements and Technological Promises", Edited by Domingue, J.; Galis, A.; Gavras, A.; Zahariadis, T.; Lambert, D.; Cleary, F.; Daras, P.; Krco, S.; Müller, H.; Li, M.-S.; Schaffers, H.; Lotz, V.; Alvarez, F.; Stiller, B.; Karnouskos, S.; Avessta, S.; Nilsson, M. undefinedThe book is available online

The fourth FIA book was just published. It is titled "Future Internet Assembly 2012: From Promises to Reality" and is edited by  Alvarez, F.; Cleary, F.; Daras, P.; Domingue, J.; Galis, A.; Garcia, A.; Gavras, A.; Karnourskos, S.; Krco, S.; Li, M.-S.; Lotz, V.; Müller, H.; Salvadori, E.; Sassen, A.-M.; Schaffers, H.; Stiller, B.; Tselentis, G.; Turkama, P.; Zahariadis, T. (Eds.). The book is available under Open Access policy. undefinedThe book is available here

SOFI supports international collaboration between projects and institutes worldwide

SOFI has published a report about its experiences with International Collaboration in EU Research Projects in the Future Internet perspective. undefined

SOFI has made an initial analysis of collaboration opportunities in Latin America published at undefined

SOFI organised a session on International collaboration at the IoS Collaboration Meeting in Brussels, September 2011. See the notes from the session at undefined

SOFI supports standardisation activities in Software and Services projects

SOFI maintains a public resource of standardisation activities in the Software and Services project community at undefined

SOFI's position on standardisation activity to date:

Contribution to the FIArch Design Principles

SOFI contributed to the undefinedFIArch Design Principles document, particularly two of the "seeds" included in the document are based on contributions of SOFI: "5.1.1 Resources Awareness" and " 5.1.2 Dependability Logic.

SOFI presented on the topic of Resource Awareness

At the last FIArch workshop SOFI presented on the topic of Resource Awareness. These slides and other contributions on the "Dependability Logic" seed have been included in the presentation of Ionna Papafili.

Design Principles for the Future Internet

This goes back to our original presentation on Design Principles for the Future Internet. Mainly two changes has been applied to our contribution in the final FIArch report:

  1. The seed "service awareness" has been generalized to "resource awareness". The choice of " “resource” instead of “service” is to emphasize that the same concept may be applied also to resource not offered as a service. The content has been summarized, removing details that was more the description of architectural choices than part of the principle.
  2. The seed named "Self-aware Dependability" has been renamed "Dependability Logic". In this case, a part a change in the name, the contribution is basically unchanged."


Project coordinator

Dr. Lyndon J B Nixon
Senior Researcher
STI International Consultancy and Research GmbH
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1060 Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43 1 2364 002 13
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